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VEMMER is software package for molecular simulations. VEMMER employs many useful features, such as generating model molecular structures from different sources, running Molecular Dynamics, Monte-Carlo and Discrete Molecular Dynamics simulations, and easy analysis of simulation results. Of course, VEMMER includes Graphical User Interface to shorten learning time and increase productivity. In addition to that, VEMMER features modern advanced force fields, state-of-the-art simulation techniques, user defined simulation scripts and highly efficient parallel computing. We believe that VEMMER will be the most helpful program for scientists and students in their future molecular simulation projects. Please visit this page soon when we make VEMMER available for downloading.

In the mean time, you are welcome to use XenoView. XenoView is free (for educational purposes) software for molecular modeling.

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Main features
  • Includes easy to use Graphical User Interface implemented in compliance with Windows standards.
  • Works efficiently on moderate-level PC with Windows operating system, and makes the full use of parallel processing on the mordern workstations.
  • Can be applied to variety of problems, including simulations of inorganic materials, polymers and proteins.
  • Includes polymer- and amorphous structure builders that makes structure generation easy. Can import stuctures from many formats (including PDB format for proteins) or from text file with atom coordinates.
  • Uses the most advanced universal Class II force fields with anharmovic corrections and cross-terms. Several other force fields, including AMBER, are also supported.
  • VEMMER is flexible. You can modify force field parameters, create complex temperature distributions, apply external forces and do many other things using simple script language.
  • With VEMMER user interface you can easily plot and analyse your simulation results. You can view animated trajectories and even save them to the avi file!




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